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March 2022

mArch Member Meeting 

Our March Member Meeting will kick off with voting for the Chamber's vacant 2022 board positions. See below for what is available. If you would like to run for an opening, email by Monday, March 7th, with a short bio and what role you would like to run for. Then Scott McDowell, Brownsville's City Administrator, will provide a "State of the City" presentation to update our group on what the city has been up to, including current and future projects. Enjoy a cup of coffee, bring your questions for Scott, and get a chance to connect with your fellow Chamber members. We look forward to seeing you there! 


Wednesday, March 9th, 9:00 to 10:00 am

The Kirk Room in the Brownsville Library
Speaker: Scott McDowell, Brownsville City Administrator


In our 2022 Brownsville Chamber of Commerce Board, we have three openings with nobody running. Below is a summary of what each role entails. These are unpaid, volunteer positions. Getting involved with the Chamber is incredibly rewarding and gives you a say in what happens in our wonderful town. We meet as a board once a month, plus we always try to attend the monthly member meetings. In between meetings, we have responsibilities to keep the Chamber going strong. Some roles require more time than others. 

Roles with no candidates running:

Vice President - This role works closely with our President to ensure the Chamber as a whole is functioning smoothly and that all of the other Board and Executive members have the support they need. This can involve jumping in to help with any projects that are being worked on, as well as attending our local events to represent the Chamber. Of the three positions we are trying to fill, this one is the most time consuming, but still flexible.


Director of Membership - Our very loved Director of Membership, Lou, will soon be moving out-of-state, so we need to fill her position ASAP. Until she moves, you will be able to work with her to learn the ropes. This person will manage our member applications and payments, send out reminders when it's time for members to renew, and help recruit new members. They will update the board on new memberships each month and make sure everyone has what they need to provide our services to all members.


Director of Education - This person will plan and execute our monthly member meetings. They will select and communicate with speakers, ensuring we have a great presentation each month. They will book venues, plan drinks/snacks, and provide all of the details to the Director of Community Relations to make sure the information is distributed to our members. 


Please consider joining us! If you have questions or aren't sure what to run for, let us know and we would be happy to talk with you more about the options. If you can't attend our meeting on March 9th but would like to vote, don't worry! We are working on a way for you to be able to vote online if you can't in person. That will come in a separate email on March 8th.

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