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Brownsville Rural Fire District

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Saving Lives in Brownsville, OR

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     (541) 466-5227


     600 E Blakely Avenue,

     Brownsville, OR 97327

The Brownsville Rural Fire Department is mostly comprised of volunteers who give their time and put their lives on the line to make Brownsville a safe place to call home. These highly trained and dedicated firefighters are the first responders to almost all emergencies in town, whether it be a car crash, a medical problem, or a fire. The fire department hosts regular fundraisers to be able to continue their important work, paying for things like medical supplies. In addition to the emergency calls, the Brownsville Rural Fire Department also puts on Brownsville's annual 4th of July fireworks show, which is spectacular! We are so grateful for all of the hard work that these individuals put into their roles and for everything they give for others. 

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